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The Fight for Truth

The Fight for Truth


It was the apostle Paul who was calling his younger mentoree, Timothy, to godliness. The reason he did this was because Timothy faced fierce opposition through false teachers and evil imposters in the Church. Paul understood that godliness is a powerful weapon in the hand of God. So Paul sent Timothy truth that would point him to godliness in Christ.

Oh how the Church needs the same strategy today! What we don’t need is more good ideas or more programs, but rather more godliness among the men and women who love Jesus Christ. So that is why we are taking several weeks to go through 1 Timothy verse by verse—we need to grow in godliness! 1 Timothy practically applies God’s truth in areas of doctrine, public worship, pastoral leadership, social responsibilities, and how to handle our possessions in this nine message series. Talk about relevance in our day today! So get ready to sit beside Timothy as he reads this powerful letter and is asked this critical question: Are you growing in godliness?

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