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No Reason to Fear

No Reason to Fear


Get ready for the truth to set you free. As children of God, we possess the greatest truth this world has to offer. We have been saved, we have been adopted and we are literally in the possession of Almighty God. But let me ask you this . . . why don’t we act like it? So often we fight fear and discouragement. So often we are lacking in faith because we fail to know the truth. Well that’s going to change with Psalm 27. Essentially we find out that when it comes to God and His children, He’s got your back and everything else too! This is the heart of the Psalmist. He cries out in faith in the reality that the lord is his light and salvation. And because this is true, he then declares he has no reason to fear!

Could you use a dose of this truth? I think we all could! Be blessed through the exposition of Psalm 27 through this three message series.

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