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Big God Little Me

Big God Little Me


The greater our vision is of God, the greater will be His work among us.

The reason this is true is because God does not share His glory. However, He loves to bless and empower a people who are all about Him! We find our greatest purpose as our lives result in His greater glory.

So Isaiah 40 is a chapter recapturing the vision of the people of God. It’s directing their eyes off of their own idolatrous lives and placing their focus on their Holy and Sovereign God. This becomes another great call for us in our day. We must fight for our proper and high view of God. We must fight against a low view of God so common in our day which weakens the Church of power. We must stand back and say together, “Our God is awesome, I am tiny, I desire to live for Him more!”. It might sound basic, but it’s oh so important. Order this powerful three message series here.

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